“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”. - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Hey, I’m Leroy, I have been lucky enough to travel through Europe on and off for the past five years, whilst I was studying at university. I grew up in several cities across Germany, always on the move as my Dad was in the British Army, moving around is more natural to me than staying still. At 16 I moved to the UK with my family, to a small town called Mansfield, this is where I would spend my longest continued time in one place, and what a time that was. I went to college to complete my A-Levels, in subjects I had no interest in and failed spectacularly, after two years I came out with nothing and felt just as worthy. I wound up working in fast food for seven years.


I have since broke my mould, coached basketball in London, taught rock climbing in Switzerland, been downhill mountain biking in the French Alps, developed community projects in Bournemouth, taught German in Austria, been white water rafting on rivers through glorious mountains, road tripped through Romania, hitch hiked to over seven countries, festivaled in Croatia. I am currently in Nepal developing business plans and projects for charities whilst teaching English and basketball.
In the current fear based climate, I believe that there is a huge imbalance between reality and what is being portrayed, seeing many great people consumed by fear.

I go off the beaten track to really meet local communities and show that we are one, whilst also enjoying a good adventure on the way.